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Tim Pitseolak Pause
Paper: Kizuki Kozo Purple
Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq
22 x 25.5 cm
$ 500


Tim Pitsiulak – Born in Kimmirut in 1967 to Napachie and Timila Pitsiulak, Tim has been living in Cape Dorset for several years. Tim has been drawn to the arts and various forms of artistic expression for many years. He started to draw as a young boy and would later take up carving and even attended jewelry-making workshops in Iqaluit. The land and its wildlife were initial influences on Tim’s realist drawing style but more recently he has become a chronicler of the everyday. His current practice includes drawing large format, meticulously detailed depictions of boats, heavy equipment and airplanes – the machinery of modern life in Cape Dorset. Tim is a hunter and his respect for the natural world and its wildlife is fundamental to his artistic sensibility. He is inspired by the whales that frequent the cold, Arctic waters – particularly the beluga and bowhead – because, as he says, “nobody really knows much about them”. The bowhead in particular is a majestic and mysterious creature and frequently he will embellish his drawings of these animals with tattoo-like graphics referencing ancient artifacts. Tim was the subject of a feature article in the 2012 summer issue of the Walrus and in 2013 he conducted a printmaking workshop at New Leaf Studios in Vancouver. His work was selected by the Royal Canadian Mint to adorn a quarter coin and in 2016 he was inaugural participant in the annual Dorset Fine Arts Creative Residency at Open Studio. Tim continues to attract an avid following for his large naturalist drawings of Arctic wildlife.