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Ningeokuluk Teevee Okpik's Calico

 Stonecut & Stencil

Paper: Kizuki Kozo White

Printer: Tapaungai Niviaqsi

37 x 30.5 cm

 $ 600




Ningeokuluk Teevee – Born in 1963, Ningeokuluk is the daughter of Joanasie Salomonie and his wife Kanajuk. Her father was much loved in Cape Dorset for his sense of humour, mischief and compassion. Her husband, Simeonie Teevee is a musician and plays with his band at community events in Cape Dorset and at music festivals around Nunavut. Ningeokuluk is one of the most versatile, intelligent and celebrated graphic artists to emerge from Kinngait Studios. Her first prints appeared in the Cape Dorset Annual Collection in 2004. In 2009, Groundwood Books published Ningeokuluk’s first autobiographical children’s book entitled Alego, which was subsequently short-listed for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Children’s Illustration. She has a comprehensive knowledge of Inuit legends and a fine sense of design and composition. these elements have made many of her prints highly sought after by collectors. Ningeokuluk has had numerous solo shows of her bold and resplendent drawing and some of her work has been featured in exhibitions at major public galleries and museums. Ningeokuluk works full-time for the Nunavut Housing Corporation in Cape Dorset, and devotes her spare time to her family and whatever time she can to her drawing.