Carol Mose                                     Montreal, Quebec

Carol Mose was first introduced to ceramics at John Abbott College where she took a pottery course as an elective. She continued to take pottery courses while completing her bachelor's degree in Mathematics and decided to enrol into the DEP program given by the Centre de ceramique Bonsecours. After this course she knew that ceramics was to be her calling.

Most of Carol's work is wheel thrown with a carved decoration and a simple glaze that gives many different effects especially on the carvings. She likes to create her own version of classic forms because of their timeless strength and beauty. Her functional work is designed for everyday use because she would like to think that her objects could make somebody's everyday life a little nicer.

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Tea Pots                180.00 and up.

Mugs                    4"H                    $35. ea.


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Large Bowl             10 1/2" diam.            $125. to $145.

Medium Bowl         8" diam.                      $50.

Small Bowl               6" diam.                   $25. to $35.


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Large Bowls               11 3/4" diam.  $140. to $180. ea.


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Noodle Bowl              7 1/2" diam.           $35. to $45.

                                   5 1/4" diam.           $23. to $43


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Large Jug                    9" H                       $120.

Casserole                    8 1/2" diam.           $120. to $150.


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Small Jug                      6 1/4" H                 $60. to $70.

Jar with Lid                4 3/4" H x 5" diam.   $60. to $70.