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         Silas Kayakjuak 

Silas was born in 1956 in Hall Beach, Nunavut. He is trained as a construction carpenter. Silas learned to carve by watching other family members carving. He began to carve at the age of eight and produced his first serious carving when he was twelve. Natural talent, a keen eye for balance and movement in the human figure, experience of hunting and living on the land combine to give Silas's work an appealing warmth and charm. Silas's work is in collections all over the world and has been purchased for presentation to foreign dignitaries, music conductors, and art lovers.          







2 1/2"H x 1 1/2"D    $180.00 CDN.

A Windy Day


2 5/8"H  $165.00 CDN.



Spiritual Drum Dancer

 Stone and Ivory 

4 1/2"H x 3 1/4"W   $170.00 CDN.



Woman with Pipe

 Walrus Molar Ivory

1 1/4"H   $130.00 CDN.


Woman with Sealskin


2 5/8"H   $160.00 CDN.




 Walrus Molar Ivory

2 1/8"L  $160.00  CDN.



Girl with Braid

 Walrus Molar Ivory and Antler

2"H   $140.00 CDN.





 Walrus Molar Ivory and Baleen

2"W  $130.00  CDN.




Owl Spirit

Walrus Molar Ivory and Stone

2"H  $145.00 CDN.



Ball Player  2005

Stone + Antler

5"H x 3"W  $295.00 CDN.





Walrus Molar Ivory

1 3/4"L  

$110.00 CDN.



Frustrated Fisherman

 Antler and Stone

2 1/2"H   $145.00 CDN.




Woman Drumming


2"H  $145.00  CDN.



Mother and Child


7 1/4"H x 9"L x 6"W  $2100.00  CDN.