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  Inuit and First Nations art since 1963.  


William P. McElligott

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation



Within it’s 200 pages, the OTTAWA II CANADA book presents Ottawa through its History, Culture, Sport and Past, Present, Future. Visit the past through select historic photographs, view the present with today's images and visualize the future through ongoing projects presented in a unique and creative way like no other book has done.

Since embarking on this ambitious project Willie has photographed in excess of 15,000 new images and researched countless thousands of archival images from both the Ottawa Archives and the Library and Archives Canada. In the OTTAWA II CANADA book McElligott shares his vision, perspective, love and understanding of this most important beautiful city of Canada, it's Capital - Ottawa.

  Ottawa II Canada wins 2017 Best of Show award from the Canadian Print Awards. It also won an award from the 2017 Print Industries of America.